The QbTest is an FDA cleared, objective, computer based test used in the diagnosis of ADHD. It is designed for patients aged 6-60. The test takes approximately 30 minutes to perform in our Focused Adult offices. Our doctors and staff have received specialized training in the set up, delivery, and interpretation of the test. Because our staff’s expertise in the test, we are able to provide results and discuss them with the patient immediately. QbTest is not designed to be the sole test for ADHD, but is an important test which can differentiate patients that have ADHD from individuals that do not.

At other clinics or doctor’s offices, ADHD is primarily diagnosed by reviewing only self-reports, family ratings, teacher ratings and clinician ratings of the presence or absence of a list of symptoms and behaviors. This is combined with judgements on to what degree these symptoms are a functional impairment. These rating scales can be problematic because they are subjective in nature with potential room for under reporting or over reporting by patients or other people rating.

QbTest is also useful in helping our doctors manage medications and treatment plans to optimize the success of our patients. It is non-invasive and not based on language, reading or dexterity. Patients are just required to wear a headband and then perform some tasks on the computer.

Focused Adult is proud to be one of only two clinics in the state of Oklahoma offering QbTest. We are the only practice employing this objective test in an ADHD treatment only clinic. If you have questions, call our staff at (405) 608-8808.