QbCheck is a computer based, objective test for ADHD that is designed to test patients from the age of 6-60. It was engineered to measure the hallmark symptoms of ADHD including hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. Each patient is then compared to an age and gender- matched control group and an ADHD control group, allowing us at Focused Adult to understand the severity of your symptoms. This, at home, computer testing was developed using the technology of the QbTest (in office testing). These tests are FDA approved and have been used to test more than 250,000 patients world-wide. QbCheck produces reliable data that can be employed to diagnose ADHD or to monitor progress in medication dosing. QbCheck is not meant to be a standalone tool for diagnosing ADHD. Instead, it is designed to be added to the assessment process along with a clinical interview and rating scales.

Testing requires a computer with a webcam, internet connection and a well-lit, distraction free environment. QbCheck will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Our doctors and staff have received specialized training in the interpretation of this testing. The results of your performance on QbCheck are discussed with the doctor during your initial appointment. This objective information is quite useful in determining an ADHD diagnosis, especially when added to subjective evidence from rating scales and extensive interview.

Focused Adult is proud to be one of the initial providers of QbCheck testing in the United States. It is one of many things that sets our ADHD treatment team apart from the others.